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Re: SV: orion-list Re:...lamps *Correction*

	No, certainly not, Greg. Absolutely, utterly, irrevocably not. Such
a misleading description is really quite disappointing following the facts
that comments on this list--including from Prof. James Strange, who, as you
will recall, responded to your questions--corrected wrong descriptions made
on this list as well as in the Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament
and in the  Qumran Chronicle.
	What, on the other hand, might reasonably be said to come from the
cemetery is the "Herodian" lamp previously  mentioned--a lamp whose
existence you questioned--though it is a pretty obvious type, and
hermeneutics of suspicion do have limits for historical
reconstruction--then questioned whether it was relevant--a lamp reportedly
found in the fill of tomb 26. Qumran tombs, being remarkably poor in grave
goods, as far as I know, were not much robbed. So, if a "Herodian" lamp
were found between the body and the stones marking the burial, one might
conclude that this burial happened sometime later than approximately 20 BCE
at the earliest.
	That sentence was misleading. Do you, Greg, in Copenhagen, truly
not realize that now?
	I had a good friend many years ago (many years ago, Prof. Lemche)
when I was an undergraduate. I recall a comment on her paper: "a good mind
set to the wrong task"--and the professor who wrote that respected her.

Stephen Goranson

>I thought that is what Strange reported--just below the
>surface of dirt at the edge of the cemetery, when they
>were cleaning the fill from a dig elsewhere.  It was at
>the cemetery, and it was in dirt, wasn't it?

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