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RE: orion-list Agriculture in the DSS

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Perhaps the response is that the right kind of material was not collected
and catalogued to reach the kind of answers you are asking for.  I have
recently read the published reports on Tel Anafa in Supplement 10 to the
Journal of Roman Archaeology and noted that considerable effort was put into
reaching conclusions about agriculture at that Upper-Jordan site based on an
extensive database of faunal remains.  It's also my conclusion, however,
that the creation and use of such a database probably requires a computer.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College 

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A few days ago I asked for information on agriculture in the DSS.
I don't know if there is really none, and even if there is some, unlike
the research of other preindustrial societies like classical Greece or
it probably played no decisive role in the DSS research...
But I guess who has fed an protected the scribes in their exile or
thereafter [Ez 20:33-38] when ha-'areÁ allegedly remained in a kind of
permanent Shabbat [Lev 26:33-35] if not the light-armed rbjm of the Poor
23:11] by ravaging the cropland and cutting off the local fruit trees to
build temporary fortified camps?

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