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Re: orion-list CD "B" text

At 04:48 PM 5/2/99 +0200, you wrote:
>	Would anyone with information comment on the correctness 
>	or incorrectness of the following two propositions?
>	(a) The "B" text of CD is not attested at Qumran (has anyone
>	argued that it is?)

According to the new Martinez study edition it appears that CD-B
corresponds to vii and viii of CD-A, but those sections do not appear in
any of the fragments found 4Q266-273.

>	(b) There is no evidence of multiple Damascus document
>	editions attested at Qumran (analogous to the well-known 
>	multiple editions of Serekh; that is, intentional variants in 
>	composition beyond scribal error and orthography variants).
>	It might be a little surprising if there were not variant
>	editions of D among the Qumran fragments, as there are with 
>	S and the Temple Scroll, etc., but has this been demonstrated?

That is an interesting question.
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