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orion-list CD "B" text

	Would anyone with information comment on the correctness 
	or incorrectness of the following two propositions?

	(a) The "B" text of CD is not attested at Qumran (has anyone
	argued that it is?)

	(b) There is no evidence of multiple Damascus document
	editions attested at Qumran (analogous to the well-known 
	multiple editions of Serekh; that is, intentional variants in 
	composition beyond scribal error and orthography variants).
	It might be a little surprising if there were not variant
	editions of D among the Qumran fragments, as there are with 
	S and the Temple Scroll, etc., but has this been demonstrated?

	(The "B" text of CD cannot be cited as a variant Qumran
	edition of CD unless it is first confirmed to be attested at
	Qumran.  I am aware that it is very plausible the "B"
	text of CD originated from a find at Qumran even if it is 
	not attested among the known fragments, but my question
	concerns what can be established from the known fragments.)

	Greg Doudna
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