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orion-list Daube obit

Thanks for the information about the obituaries for David Daube.  I spent an
entire summer with him as I moved further into the portion of my work which
included the Gospel of Matthew.  He was most knowledgable about the field
and encouraging, even though he personally did not consider connections or
comparisons between the Dead Sea Scrolls and  New Testament to be a
productive field of investigation.  Clearly his perceptions of law in the
Second Temple period were formed without substantial integration of the
Qumran finds.  On the other hand he was most encouraging of my own work and
an insightful and charming man to engage in sustained conversation.  At that
time he was about 80 and was still in his office frequently 7 days a week.
It was a summer I will never forget.

John Kampen
VP/Dean of Academic Affairs
Bluffton College
Bluffton, Ohio 45817

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