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Re: orion-list 2Macc's "Daphne near Antioch"

     "Andronicus, who assassinated the son of Seleucus and who was in turn 
put to death, willingly lent himself to an impious and terrible crime, only 
to share the same fate as his victim.  For it is the practice of potentates 
to save themselves from danger at the expense of their friends."  Diodorus of 
Sicily 30.7.2-3 [Loeb translation].
     Russell Gmirkin

> Dear Russel,
>  Thanks for your brilliant reference to the citation of Diodorus' Historical
>  Library in the Anchor Bible. Unfortunately the citation is missed in the
>  Diodorus sections of the Perseus Project (Tufts University). Therefore I 
>  for the exact passage to verify the information. Would you do me the favor?
>  N.B. The Anchor Bible is not present in our University Library.
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