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Re: orion-list OT's Hasmonean Origins

The origins of the OT...
  By the time of the DSS the OT material was very 
folklorized, ergo was much earlier with its embryonic 
o"genre" starts at Ras Shamras, Ugarit. The proposal that 
the OT popped out of a cultural void in the 5th century is 
absurd. Look at such extra biblical texts and materials as 
the Lachish letters or the Moabite stone not to mention 
Ugaritic texts, Zenon Papyrus, Elephantine temple and so 
forth. Though I do believe in the possibility that the 
material was "reinvented" and "reworked" or "rediscovered" 
then rewritten and "canonized" in those days of Ezra and 
Nehemiah. But certainly not in the Hasmonian period to any 
great extent. Too much evidence to the contrary. Though I 
must admit that I am unfamiliar with this "theory" of the 
Hasmonian origins of the OT only because I could never take 
such seriously. Perhaps I miss understand it. Does it 
refer to the canonization or the actually creation of 
these texts. The ultimate cannon I believe was mishnaic, 
but these texts themselves are of "undeterminable" age.  


Bradley Harrison 


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