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orion-list OT's Hasmonean Origins

As the readers of this list are well aware the past 25 years has seen new paradigms or 
models being proposed by the likes of scholars like Philip R. Davies, Niels Peter 
Lemche, Fred Cryer, Thomas L. Thompson and Bernd Joerg Diebner, urging that the 
Wellhausen model be replaced as an explanation for the origins of the OT. They have 
proposed that the OT is in fact a Post-exilic creation. They vary in their dating 
proposals, ranging anywhere from the 5th-1st centuries BCE.

My research supports the findings of these scholars. I now offer to the interested 
readers of this list my latest paper titled 

Fulfilled Prophecy and the Old Testament, Clues to the Bible's Hasmonean Origins. 

In this paper I argue that the OT was created between the 2nd-1st centuries BCE, using 
'prophecy-after-the-fact' to align the OT's prophetical texts with the achievements of 
the Hasmonean Era. 

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Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld, M.A. Ed.,
Walldorf by Heidelberg,
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