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No Subject

Dear all,
   It has been sometime that I have been on this list, and 
I hope you all have been well since. I wish to ask a few 
questions about past publications on the Dead Sea Scroll, 
since I have been out of touch on the subject for some 
   What is available on the Dead Sea Scrolls in terms of 
computerized multimedia, such as CD ROM's, and just how 
good are they in terms of quality? I have obtained the 
below sources off the Orion web site, but are there more? I 
believe there was another CD called The Dead Sea Scrolls 
revealed, but if I recall that one was of poor quality and 
was designed more for popular conumption. Do others feel 
that way? 
Brad Harrison

U. Southampton

Lim, T. H. and P. S. Alexander. The Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Reference Library. Oxford; New York;
Leiden: Oxford University Press; Brill, 1997. IBM PC or compatible; 30 M hard disk; 16 M RAM;
MS-DOS 3.3 or higher; Windows 3.1 or higher; MSCDEX 2.0 or higher; double-speed CD-ROM drive
with MPC level 1 or higher; SVG monitor.

Tov, E. and S. J. Pfann, eds. Companion Volume to the Dead Sea Scrolls Microfiche Edition. Revised ed.,
Leiden: E. J. Brill/IDC, 1995.

Brooke, G. J. and H. K. Bond. The Allegro Qumran Photograph Collection. Supplement to The Dead Sea
Scrolls on Microfiche. Leiden: Brill, 1996. 30 microfiches.


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