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orion DSS Revealed CD-ROM

Brad Harrison asked:
>    It has been sometime that I have been on this list, and 
> I hope you all have been well since. I wish to ask a few 
> questions about past publications on the Dead Sea Scroll, 
> since I have been out of touch on the subject for some 
> time. 
>    What is available on the Dead Sea Scrolls in terms of 
> computerized multimedia, such as CD ROM's, and just how 
> good are they in terms of quality? I have obtained the 
> below sources off the Orion web site, but are there more? I 
> believe there was another CD called The Dead Sea Scrolls 
> revealed, but if I recall that one was of poor quality and 
> was designed more for popular conumption. Do others feel 
> that way? 

The DSS Revealed CD-ROM is an excellent resource for introducing people to
the study of the DSS, with hundreds of relevant images (and lots of
irrelevant ones as well), maps, etc., and movie clips of some of the main
players ca 1993 (Vermes, Schiffman, Murphy O'Connor, Eisenman, Philip
Davies, etc.). It is well organized and provides "standard" information
(with a British accent). I think there is a brief review of it on my DSS
Class page (linked to my URL below). I use it as a "textbook" for my DSS
course, and obtain it for about $20 each from LOGOS (a deal that I'm sure
they would extend to others under similar circumstances). I've also made a
separate index to enable direct access to its materials without going
through the CD-ROM menus (and music!). 

Bob Kraft
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