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SV: orion Essenes = 'osey hatorah?

SG on "Essenes": what is your reason for excluding
the alternative of Cross and others that "essenes" is a Greek
transliteration of the Aramaic form of "hasids"?  You know that 
hasids are in the Psalms and in 1QH (15.20, "you have made me 
like a father to the sons of xsd"), and is it not a perfectly plausible,
if unproven, mechanism for a designation to get turned into
a name?  What is your reason for excluding it?  That is the
etymology Philo thought was the case.  (his greek "osios" is
LXX rendering for heb "hasid".)  Of course I agree
that Philo is of no real weight because there is no assurance
he was right.  But on what basis are you certain Philo--and Cross
of today--are wrong?    
Greg Doudna

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