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This is over stated.  The continuity between 2nd t and Jewish culture of
Late Antiquity in the Land of Israel is much greater than
between NT and Patristics.  After all, while the Scrolls community and
Jesus would fully recognize the dietary regime and Teffilin of Rabbi Akiva
as akin to their own, Tertulian  would probably not. I can come up with
lots of similar examples.  See the reports of the bone finds at Qumran,
Yadin's study of Qumran tefillin in EI, and Haran's study of scroll making
technology in HUCA.   Continuity between religious live after 70 with that
which came before should not be underrated.  It also should not be
overstressed.  There are no hard and fast rules.  Each case must be judged
on its own merits.  Too often folks releieve themselves from using
Rabbinics by repeating the Neusnerian truism of non-continuity (which, BTW,
 I am not sure that he himself would take so dogmaticly.)  Thankfully,
material culture provides a control against which to gauge method!


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> Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 08:31:25 -0800 (PST)
> From: Martin Jaffee <jaffee@u.washington.edu>
> Subject: Re: orion Chanukah, Tefillin and Minim
> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Jack Kilmon wrote:
> > That's much clearer to me, Marty.  I liken attempting to interpret2nd
> > Judaism through a Talmudic prism as attempting to
> > interpret the Historical Jesus though the Patristics.
> Neusner put it exactly this way in one of his many writings on the
> subject. That's precisely the right analogy.
> Marty

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