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Re: orion Chanukah, Tefillin and Minim

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Paul Flesher wrote:

> Let's be blunt.  There is no known usage prior to its appearance in a ca C3
> ce text we call the Mishnah. That text talks about the birkat ha-minim, but
> it does not provide sufficient evidence for dating the blessing to the C1.

Brach 28b: ^”Said R. Gamaliel to the Sages: Can anyone among you frame a
benediction relating to the minim?  (was censored to Sadducees but has now
been restored from an older version). JBrach 4, 8a; Tbrach 3,25 ..Samuel the
Lesser arose and composed it.  The date of the Birkhat ha-Minim MUST be
between 80 (when Gamaliel became Nasi) and 90, the date of Shmuel ha-qatan^“s

Sufficiency of evidence must therefore lie in how much trust we place in
the historicity of the mishnaic account.


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