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orion Re: Birkat Ha-Minim

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Rolf Furuli wrote:
> Jack Kilmon wrote:
> >
> >Are we assuming the term was coined around the time of the Birkhat ha_minim
> >(85 CE) or simply that there is no usage known prior to the emergence of
> >the Pharisees?
> >
> Where can I find any written material about  Birkhat ha_minim?
> Regards
> Rolf Furuli
> Lecturer in Semitic languages
> University of Oslo
There is an article called:
"Birkat Ha-Minim and the Lack of Evidence for an Anti-Christian Jewish
Prayer in Late Antiquity" by Rueven Kimelman
in: E.P. Sanders et al (eds), Jewish and Christian Self-Definition vol 2
(Lodon: SCM Press, 1981)
if you are lloking for a secondary literature.

Assistant Professor of NT
Tokyo Christian University
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