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orion Chanukah, Tefillin and Minim

Dear Stephen: I was not referring to that point, but simply that whoever
rejected as unauthentic a "rabbinic" decree such as Chanukah would have
been considered a sectarian. I used minim as a generic term again,
referring to groups not affiliated with the Sages ("rabbis"). In this
category would have been Samaritans, Saduccees, Essenes, Qumranites,
Enochites, and in later generations Karaites, Sabbatians, Frankists, etc.

David Goldman

>Dear David,
>	Is retrojecting rabbinic presuppositions (or any other later set)
>what historians should do?
>	For instance, when was the term "minim" first used in the sense of
>heretics (or minut=heresy, in the sense not merely of a group choice but of
>a disapproved group)? When writing of the 160s BCE, is this usage
>Stephen Goranson
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