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orion The "tenses" of DSS Hebrew

Thanks to Rolf Furuli concerning the verb tense issue.
I follow your logic: the qtl and wyqtl forms do not give
tense information in isolation--as the English "went"--
because of too many clusters of counterexamples.  So
far so good.

Yet all language users on earth have notions of past,
present, and future, and are perfectly capable of expressing
this and being understood.  One thinks of pidgins with no
tense-marking in verbs yet perfectly clear communication:
"he go tomorrow".  "one week ago I start this job".  It 
gets accomplished with helping words.  

So the issue is--assuming all languages have routine ways
of coding temporal meaning, and assuming the forms themselves
are not how BH/QH is doing it . . . just how _are_ they doing it?
What is your theory?  Anyway thanks.

Greg Doudna

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