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orion Holzfest???

A friend of mine who is translating a reference work from German to 
English came across a reference that has stumped all of us so far.  
Here's the info he sent me:

The author of the TDOT article mentions that most of the 
occurrences of
the word for "goat" in Qumran are found in the Temple Scroll and 
to sacrifices. He mentions several feasts/festivals at which, so the
Temple Scroll, goats were sacrificed. All these feasts are familiar
enough except for one he calls (in German) the "Holzfest," some 
sort of
feast/festival/celebration involving "wood"(?). I've never heard of
this. After unsuccessfully searching some encyclopedias, I asked a
practicing Jew who is also a Talmudic scholar of sorts (albeit not a
Qumran scholar), and he didn't have a clue.

The Temple Scroll passage is 23:11...


Can anybody help here?  I don't have access to the TS at the 

Dave Washburn
"Oh, the mind boggles!" -Wakko
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