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Re: orion Holzfest???

At 02:13 PM 1/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>A friend of mine who is translating a reference work from German to 
>English came across a reference that has stumped all of us so far.  
>Here's the info he sent me:
>The author of the TDOT article mentions that most of the 
>occurrences of
>the word for "goat" in Qumran are found in the Temple Scroll and 
>to sacrifices. He mentions several feasts/festivals at which, so the
>Temple Scroll, goats were sacrificed. All these feasts are familiar
>enough except for one he calls (in German) the "Holzfest," some 
>sort of
>feast/festival/celebration involving "wood"(?). I've never heard of
>this. After unsuccessfully searching some encyclopedias, I asked a
>practicing Jew who is also a Talmudic scholar of sorts (albeit not a
>Qumran scholar), and he didn't have a clue.

I found a reference to the holiday immediately in the Judisches Lexikon,
Berlin, 1928 v. 2 column 1656.

I can't give an accurate translation of the German. The article says to
look at Nehemia 10:35 & 13:31.  See also Mishnah Ta'anite 4:5.  "Holz"
refers to the wood of the alter.  The verses in Nehemia describe the ceremony.


Daniel D. Stuhlman

Hebrew Theological College
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