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orion Re: Absence of Chanukah in scrolls

Regarding Stephen Goranson's comments below, I think a pretty
straightforward explanation is that the sectarians who composed the scrolls
were "literalists" who rejected rabbinic decrees for festivals and
observances that did not have a scriptural basis in the Torah. Ironically,
this raises the question of what tefillin and mezuzahs were doing among
scrolls written by non-rabbinists. After all, it was the rabbinic tradition
that told us that totafoth were those little square boxes, etc..... 

David Goldman

>Russell Gmirkin has not, in my opinion, presented a plausible
>argument for absence of Hanukkah, while presuming its observance, in those
>Qumran texts composed after 163 BCE, even if one accepts his dating of War
>Scroll (which I have not yet found probable).
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