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orion High Priest from Judah (?) article by W. Adler

I wonder if any list members have read an interesting article by William
Adler and thought about whether it could be of interest in thinking about
an aspect of Qumran history.
"Exodus 6:23 and the High Priest from the Tribe of Judah," JTS 48 (1997) 24-47.
	It is a fairly thick essay about genealogy and chronography and
messianism, which surveys competing exegetical traditions about Judah and
Levi, and King and Priest. It would be difficult to summarize, but ranges
from issues of Hasmonean legitamacy, Slavonic Josephus additions on Herod
not being the messiah (Loeb III, p.636f), Julius Africanus, Eusebius, and
Epiphanius on Matthew and Luke, Gen 49:10, Daniel, etc.
	Adler discusses speculation on the significance of Herod ending a
Judaean dynasty.
	Adler does mention the challenges to legitimacy of John Hyrcanus
and/or Alexander Jannaeus in Josephus and Talmud.
	But one could add, for instance, the difference as to whether
Alexander was the first to declare himself king (as Strabo Geo. 16.2.40) or
Aristobulus I (as Josephus Ant 13.301; War 1.70).
	One could ask again to what does pHab viii 9 refer in saying the
wicked priest was called by the name of truth when he first arose. Does
this necessarily have to do with Zadokite lineage or lack thereof? Does it
have to do with rule? Is its meaning to be sought in context with the
teacher and the liar, etc?
	Anyway, might Adler's article be of interest in Qumran study?
Stephen Goranson

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