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Re: orion-list Re: self-definition

David C. Hindley writes:

> My only -owned- source of knowledge about the Slavonic versions comes from R
>  Eisler's _Messiah Jesus and John the Baptist_ (1931), plus what I can get 
>  of the LCL volume that contains the English translation of the principal
>  additions and a list of the significant omissions (also, ultimately, from
>  Eisler).

You might find to be of interest Solomon Zeitlin, *Josephus on Jesus:  with 
Particular Reference to the Slavonic Josephus and the Hebrew Yosippon* 
(Philadelphia:  Dropsie College, 1931), written in large part to counter 
Eisler's theories and has some interesting analysis of the sources of the 
Slavonic Josephus, Josippon, etc.  See also J. Creed in Harvard Theol Review 
vol. 25 pp. 277-319 on on SJ's medieval sources.

Russell Gmirkin

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