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orion-list Re: self-definition


I wonder if someone can tell me the reason why 'osey (hatorah) is the Hebrew 
self-definition for the Essenes other than a kind of appearance. How does 
one get the Greek gemination of the medial consonant for instance?

>etymology of "Essenes" from the Hebrew self-designation 'osey hatorah,
>those who do the torah--e.g., in 1QpHab (p.251), a text which links
>Qumran, the teacher of righteousness, and the Essenes.

While I'm here, is it still the common understanding that the Qumran
community was a celibate group or has there been a leaning
towards the idea that there were women in the community? I
have in mind for example the presence of women in the nearby
graveyard, there are many rules about women in the scrolls, and
of course there are marrying Essenes in Josephus.


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