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orion-list Bar-Ilan U: Conference on Jewish Onomastics

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The Fourth International Conference On Jewish Onomastics

Monday-Tuesday, June 14-15, 1999
Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan Israel

Conference Program

Monday June 14, 1999

08:30   Registration
09:00   Greetings:      Moshe Kaveh, President, Bar-Ilan University
                        Yehuda Friedlander, Rector, Bar-Ilan University
                        Moshe Garsiel, Dean, Faculty of Jewish Studies
                        Aaron Demsky, Chair The Steering Committee
                        First Session: Gershon Bacon, Chair
09:30   Alexandre Beider: Ashkenazic Jewish Names - Determining Their
10:30 Zvi Bernhart and Alexander Abraham: The Project of Computerization
of the Names at Yad Vashem (ENG, HEB) 

Second Session: Refael Yankelevitch, Chair
11:30   Ronny Reich and Eli Shukrun: Placenames in the Territory of
Benjamin in the Late Second Temple Period (HEB)
12:00   Haggai Misgav: Jewish Personal Names and Appellations in the
Epigraphical Sources from the Roman-Byzantine Period (HEB)

12:30-14:00     Lunch

Third Session: Ariel Toaff, Chair
14:00   Leah Makovetsky: Personal Names of Salonican Jewry in the 18th and
19th Centuries in Bills of Divorce, the Responsa Literature and  on the
Tombstones (HEB) 
14:30   Chana Tolmas: The LAQAB - An Important Aspect of Bukharan Jewish
Anthroponymy (HEB) 
15:00   Yitzhak Ganuz: Jewish Names of Streets and Places in Eastern
Europe (HEB)

Fourth Session: Shimon Cooper, Chair
16:00   Vladimir Orel: Names of Jews in the Hebrew Khazar Letter of Kiev
16:30   Andrea H Brill: Re-Judaization of the German Jews 1933-1945 - The
Onomastic Evidence 
17:00   Donald M. Lance: Biblical Names in the Toponymy of Missouri

Tuesday June 15, 1999

Fifth Session: Yossi Katz, Chair
09:00   Admiel Kosman: Names and Nicknames of Sages as a Literary
Component in the Design of the Aggadic Story (HEB)
09:30   Ben-Zion Rosenfeld: 'Qira Mega', The Unusual Name of the Wife of
Rabbi Joshua ben Levi (HEB)
10:00   Yosef Rivlin: Rabbi Elijah of Vilna   His Method of interpretation
Names (HEB)

Sixth Session: Hanan  Eshel, Chair
11:00   Emmanuel Friedheim: The Names Gad, Gada, Gadya among Palestinian
and Babylonian Sages and the Rabbinical Struggle against Pagan Influences
11:30   Efrat Habas:The Name 'Tamar' in The Late Roman Period (HEB)
12:00   Hananel Mack: The Names of the Ancients From Adam to Noah in
Traditional and Modern Commentaries (HEB)
12:30   Tal Ilan: A Corpus of the Jewish Names in Palestine During the
Second Temple Period (HEB)

13:00-14:30     Lunch

Seventh Session: Yitschak Sefati, Chair
14:30   David A. Glatt-Gilad: The Personal Names in Jeremiah as a Source
for the History of the Period (HEB)
15:00   Yohanan Cohen-Yashar: Philo of Alexandria   On the Change of Names
15:30   Moshe A. Zippor: Who is Ieoul son of Asser? (HEB)

Eighth Session Rabbi Shlomo Shefer, Chair

16:30   Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu: Jewish Names. A Traditional Approach (HEB)

Concluding Remarks: Edwin D. Lawson

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