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orion-list Re:...lamps *Correction*

There's more that might be worth saying on the other two subjects later,
but, for now, please note this correction or clarification to the sentence
quoted below, in accord with information given, including by Prof. James
Strange, in IEJ and in the orion archives:

The two ostraca found at Qumran in 1996 (dated as Herodian by Cross, Eshel,
Strange, and Yardeni) were *not* found in the dirt of a cemetery.

Stephen Goranson

>From Greg Doudna:
   [large snip]
>Unfortunately, finding something in the dirt of a cemetery, like the
>J. Strange ostracon, is simply not good enough as stand-alone
>evidence for dating use of a cemetery for burials, according to
>archaeologists I have talked to.

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