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orion-list re: Mattfeld

I too think that Walter is quite within his rights to offer his stuff to
interested folk.  After all, there was not a year ago a notice from
Garcia-Martinez regarding his collection of scrolls and no one complained-
in fact we are all quite pleased to see the materials announced and
available.  Further, the materials Walter is willing to send are free of
charge so it is not exactly proper to say that he is "advertising".  Surely
a price worth paying!  (Which is more than can be said for Brill's
overpriced stuff).

If ya dont want to read it- fine- but others might be very interested- and
as this is an academic forum where the "free" exchange of ideas is supposed
to be encouraged I personally find nothing to complain about.  I am always
happy to read what others have written- even if I dont agree with their



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