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Re: orion-list Teacher of Righteousness

Your post actually raises several questions (including whether the teacher
was considered a messiah). But as to Wacholder's changed view and your
explicit question, wouldn't it be fair to say that the theory is not
self-evident from the grammar?

Stephen Goranson

>It is interesting that there is (was) a lecture on the subject of the
>Teacher of Righteousness, having just read an interesting article in Bible
>Review by Ben Zion Wacholder in which he basically argues that the writer
>of the Damascus Document was anticipating the arrival of the Messiah after
>the 390 year period after the First Exile, with the Messiah known as the
>Teacher of Righteousness. I myself had wondered about this possibility too.
>The argument seems to be based on the translation of the verb tenses - that
>they are in the future tense rather than the past tense. My question is: if
>this theory is self-evident from the grammar of the text, then why has
>Wacholder's argument not become more prevalent?
>David Goldman

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