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Re: orion-list Allegro question #2

This will not be much help, but I was a friendly colleague of John
Allegro at Manchester in the academic years 1991-93. I visited him at
least once in his home. But I have no recollection of conduct or rumors
that would associate him with any alchohol/drug problems -- probably I
would not have noticed, unless it was quite flagrant.

Is his widow still alive? Apparently she has been very forthcoming with
respect to his photo archive and perhaps other matters. I have lost touch
with her long since ....


> 	With John Allegro's date of death established (1988, age 65) and
> 	cause ("aortic aneurism", courtesy of G. Brooke for that
> 	information), here is a second question:
> 	It is stated in O. Betz and R. Riesner, _Jesus, Qumran und
> 	der Vatikan_ (1993), p. 28, that Allegro suffered from drug
> 	problems and alcholism.  
> 	Although this is stated as a fact, Betz and Riesner 
> 	provide no footnote or documentation for 
> 	this, and it is doubtful they are speaking from personal
> 	knowledge.  Does anyone know the source of this
> 	charge, or have any independent means of establishing
> 	its truth?   
> 	Greg Doudna
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