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orion-list Allegro question #2

	With John Allegro's date of death established (1988, age 65) and
	cause ("aortic aneurism", courtesy of G. Brooke for that
	information), here is a second question:

	It is stated in O. Betz and R. Riesner, _Jesus, Qumran und
	der Vatikan_ (1993), p. 28, that Allegro suffered from drug
	problems and alcholism.  

	Although this is stated as a fact, Betz and Riesner 
	provide no footnote or documentation for 
	this, and it is doubtful they are speaking from personal
	knowledge.  Does anyone know the source of this
	charge, or have any independent means of establishing
	its truth?   

	Greg Doudna

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