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RE: orion I Enoch 108

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> From: 	stephen goranson[SMTP:goranson@duke.edu]
> end of I Enoch is that book or another. Should chapter 108 be considered
> separately from 106-7 (as F. Garcia-Martinez; M. Black) or together (as J.
> Charlesworth. if I remember correctly)? Is one or the other (part of)
> "the/a Book of Noah"?
> 	Can we date chapter 108? Is it early Christian (as Milik?)? Is it
> Essene? 

Milik may well be right on this one (I don't accept his treatment of the
Similitudes).  The "light" and "dark" language sounds like the two spirit
language of some of the scrolls on the surface; however, the chapter speaks
of a generation of light in a way that suggests to me the possibility of a
supersessionist interpretation (with perhaps echoes of Matthean wheat and
tares).  Given the textual history of the chapter, I would say that it has
to be treated separately from the rest of the Enochic material, and that the
burden of proof is on the argument that it is not Christian in origin.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

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