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orion A solution, Mr Simms!(Deut 32:8)

I really think that some of the discussion on Deut 32:8 is becoming
sidetracked and wasting time that many of us do not have.

  The DSS are published in the series Discoveries in the Judaean Desert
(DJD), in the original languages, and the biblical scrolls are nearly all

  For those not very familiar with Hebrew and Greek (yes, some of the
biblical scrolls are in Greek!), all the biblical scrolls will be published
in English towards the end of 1999 by HarperCollins San Francisco. This
translation will include all the biblical scrolls from Qumran and other
sites, will present a mixed (eclectic) translation, with all the variant
readings in the footnotes, with comments on selected readings, and with an
introduction to each book in the DSS.
   Perhaps the reason there has been some confusion in the Orion postings
is that no such translation has been done so far; this will be the first
translation of all the biblical scrolls. The only comparable example that
comes to mind is James Sanders' translation of the large Psalms scroll
fromth Cave 11 in the 1960's.

  So, Mr Simms, this would be a counterpart to the WAC translation (whwich
contains the non-biblical scrolls), but will contain the biblical scrolls -
including Deut 32:8!

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