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orion Epiphanius' language knowledge

The extent of language knowledge Epiphanius had is a matter on which
scholars have made differing conclusions. Epiphanius was born and raised in
Judaea, but was not a Jew, despite some later confusion on that point.
Jerome wrote (Against Rufinus 2.22): "Must he be charged with a crime for
knowing Greek, Syrian, Hebrew, Egyptian, and in part measure, also Latin?"
	He was apparently right about one meaning of "Pharisee"
(separation, though the same Hebrew root also allows
discrimination/specification), but that proves little about language
knowledge. The confusion about a quotation from the book of Elxai--which,
after all, was transcribed backwards in Greek--is also not sufficient to
settle the matter. That quote was reasonably translated only in 1858, by
two scholars. The book of Elxai presents complex source critical issues, as
discussed by G. Luttikhuizen, and by F. Stanley Jones (in the Luedemann
Festschrift, if I remember correctly).
	Epiphanius did manage, one way or another, to quote many ancient
	If anyone wants some relevant bibliography:
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