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Re: orion Essenes; 'osey hatorah?; etc.

On the two new pieces by Jodi Magness: I haven't seen the new BASOR, but I
presume that they are not too different than her contribution to the
VanderKam, The Dead Sea Scrolls after Fifty Years, volume.
The article on a toilet discusses the possibility of their having been a
latrine at Qumran and then takes up the implications of this find in the
context of what I have written about toilet practices in Jewish History
10. In general (suprise!) I think the find of a toilet at Qumran confirms
my previous suggestions, rather than confounds them. I hope to find the
time to set this out in detail.
The find of Tyrian coins may help settle a problem which has troubled me
for a while. Granted that the sectarians paid the 1/2 sheqel tax only once
in a lifetime, and that they paid it to God, just who collected the money
and what was done with it? 
Al Baumgarten

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