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orion Re: Essenes from Samaritans ?

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999 00:16:23 EST RGmyrken@aol.com writes:
>Dear Stephen,

"Epiphanius is notorious for his inaccuracies, especially in regard to
the names of 
>groups.  For instance, he refers to the Nasareans and Nasoreans as
though they 
>were separate groups.  Epiphanius refers to distinct groups names
>Jessaeans, and Ossenes.  The Essenes were an offshoot of the Samaritans.

"The Essenes were an offshoot of the Samaritans" ?!  Is this YOUR
opinion, or your
opinion of Epiphanius's opinion?  The idea that the Essenes are NOT a
part of the Babylonian/Jewish stream is a complete non-starter.  Do I
misunderstand you?

George Brooks
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