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orion Electronic Version of CDC?

I'm trying to determine whether there is an electronic version of an
English translation of the Damascus Document from the Cairo Geniza, which
I'd like to be able to use in my current DSS undergrad class. 

I've found stuff on the 4Q271 fragments in a couple of places (photos and
all; it is also on the DSS Revealed CD-ROM), and the Cambridge Genizah
project has out a digitized image of CD-A page one, but I'd like the full
English text of CD-A (and if possible, CD-B). If it is not already
available, I'll probably scan the material in from Schecter's edition,
unless someone has a better idea. See: Schechter, S.: Documents of Jewish
sectaries/ edited from Hebrew MSS. in the Cairo Genizah collection, now in
the possession of the University Library, Cambridge (Cambridge: University
Press, 1910) 2 v

Robert A. Kraft, Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
227 Logan Hall (Philadelphia PA 19104-6304); tel. 215 898-5827
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