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orion 4Q468

	On a fragment on PAM 43.400 (3rd down, top left,
	assigned to 4Q468) I noted a tentative reading of 
	Aleph, Resh, Samekh...while noting R and S 
	as uncertain, and suggested the name might be 

	It won't work.  After further study I think Resh is
	not a possibility for the second letter.  The top of the
	Aleph establishes the height of the letters, and the
	speck next to it to the left is too high to be the
	right shoulder of a defaced Resh.  Therefore there 
	can be no name Aristobulus.

	As for what the reading actually is, its so broken
	(except for the Aleph) it is difficult to say, but the
	second letter looks like it might be a Nun.  That 
	would give a name "AN-" . . . if that is the second letter.  
	Is the third letter a broken Taw?  "ANT-".  This would be 
	a name for any century of choice.  Antiochus for Gmirkin, 
	Antigonus for Dierk, and Antipater for me.  Antipas 
	for Eisenman.  Now everyone can be happy.

	In the fragment below, it looks like someone is
	doing some hanging or crucifying.  (BTWLTW.)  
	Unfortunately the worms have eaten the identity of
	the verb's subject and object.  Doesn't seem to be 
	the same scribe as the "ANT-(?)" fragment or the 
	Peitholaus fragment either.  Kind of an interesting 
	plate of fragments.

	Greg Doudna