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Re: orion-list Re: self-definition

    Stephen Goranson, as is his habit, has failed to respond to any of the 
substantive issues I raised in my recent post, studiously avoiding commenting 
on the Samaritan references to Essenes as "Hasidim" or on the Hasidim as 
successors to the "volunteers for the law" at 1 Macc. 2:42.  
    Stephen takes issue my referring to the phrase "doers of the law" as a 
commonplace.  It is a common phrase in the Hebrew Bible, a fact of which 
Stephen is surely aware.  My exact quote, in context, read as follows:

>  In my opinion, Stephen has never satisfactorily demonstrated that 
>  the common phrase "doers of the law" was a true designation 
>  of the scrolls sect as opposed to a mere stock description of the sect 
>  using Biblical language on a par with "righteous", "faithful" etc., 
>  terminology all scarcely the monopoly of any one single Jewish sect.  

    I stand by the above statement.

    Russell Gmirkin
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