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Re: orion-list Re: self-definition

Of course there are sources on Essenes prior to Josephus. That does not
require a "fairytale," and Kh. Qumran and the scrolls appear real enough.
Are you saying you accept Bergmeier's description of the sources?
As to whether Bergmeier's research is "obsolete": since his book, he
changed his mind (in ZDPV) on the etymology of the name.

Stephen Goranson
706 Louise Circle, Apt. J
Durham NC 27705

>Based upon R. Bergmeier [Die Essenerberichte des Josephus,  Kampen 1993],
>Johann Maier [Die Texte vom Toten Meer, vol. III, Munich 1996] argues, that
>the distinguishable, already Jewish-Hellenistic colored four (or more?)
>sources used and combined by Josephus to develop his fairytale 'Essenes'
>would require a differentiation of the political and philosophical groups
>(or schools) laying behind it. That seems to be a still undone job.
>Now what are we talking about when thinking of constructed Essenes? And what
>are such duck tales good for? Doubtlessly not for classical duck hunting...
>Or is Bergmeier's research obsolete again?

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