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Re: orion-list Re: self-definition

Dear members of this list,

I don't know if I can go any further on this issue. I am not a scholar in 
the field. I have merely questioned the method of an interesting proposal 
that doesn't seem to have been presented with the necessary back-up to 
warrant the conviction of the proposer. All I can see now in my 
correspondence with Mr Goranson is a merry-go-round, taking us no further 
than where we stand now.

At this point I would like to bow out of the discussion and ask all of you 
who have the time to "vote" on the issue. In the archives I have found only 
Russell Gmirkin who argued that the case was less than convincing, Fred 
Cryer who argued that it had been falsified on philological grounds, and 
recently Sigrid Peterson has expressed her lack of conviction. Do you think 
that Mr Goranson's proposed etymology is as convincing as he seems to think 
it is?

Mr goranson@dke.edu,

If I understand correctly, it is normal to go to one's mail box, get one's 
mail and post what one has to post. This is what I did last night. Amongst 
the mail I got was your kind offer. The letter I sent was the one you have 
just responded to. You wrote: "But I received no response. No response, a 
response which would have included a postal address. Odd, that." I don't see 
anything particularly odd here. I did refrain from replying to your offer 
until I saw your reaction on the list and I must admit a certain diffidence 
about sending strangers my address. If it is still valid I will be glad to 
read your article.

Next you return to Ian H. for some reason. People have written to explain a 
little about your conflict with him. But would you be so kind as to supply a 
few dates so I can read what this person has done to you?

Then you said: "One asks for statistics; I gave numbers". It would be good 
to have some comparisons as to the different uses of 'asah and 'osey in the 
various fonts. It would be useful to see how often 'osey is used in the 
scrolls as compared with other self-references to see if it is a preferred 
reference. I have not noticed any examples provided for the single-standing 
'osey (ie with no qualifying words of any kind), which one would expect if 
'osey were "indeed" the source of the word "Essene".

You will note that I am not rejecting your proposal. I have said that it is 
interesting and I still feel that way, but then Robert Eisenman's analysis 
of Belial and its relationship with Bela and Edom (hence Herod) is also 
interesting. I for one need to get beyond the interesting stage to something 
tangible. Until something tangible arrives, can you see any reason for not 
going with the more commonly accepted etymology? Hopefully your article will 
supply that something tangible.

"I think that evidence for and agreement on this etymology is growing." I 
would really like to hear from list members as to the validity of this 
statement and of the etymology itself. Does anyone find the proposal 

Thank you.


Ann L. Kraemer

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