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Re: orion-list Re: self-definition

>I mentioned the article about Pliny because Essenes living at
>Qumran is relevant.
>Of course the self-designation 'osey hatorah comes from reading
>earlier texts. Would you say that 'asah is not prominent in the Essene text
>serek hayahad?

Mr Goranson,

To respond to your post:

I have little doubt that the Essenes living at Qumran is relevant, but I 
must have missed its connection with your discussion about the 
self-designation 'osey hatorah.

I appear to have come into the process after much talk about the etymology 
of the name, but the archives you sent me to is quite daunting. There are 
very many letters that contain "Essene".

You mentioned earlier that 'osey hatorah was in 1QpHab, and I had to find 
examples by reading the text until I came across them. I'm not well-geared 
for doing statistical analyses, but I would have thought such an analysis 
been done.

(Thank you to those people who wrote to set me straight about implications 
of Mr Goranson's strange post.)


Ann L. Kraemer

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