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orion-list Re: self-definition

I will have to consult the reference materials when I can.

I note your enthusiasm for the etymology. Are you the person who is 
(re-)proposing this etymology for Essene? If this is so, have you done any 
statistics on the usage of 'osey hatorah in the scrolls corpus? There seem 
to be quite a lot of phrases that the Essenes used for themselves. What is 
special in 1QpHab 7,11 and 8,1 (these are your reference in 1QpHab, are they 
not?) that signals more significance in the first part of the phrase, 'osey 
hatorah, than any of the others? It would appear to me that what you are 
making a self-reference is normal biblical phraseology, eg Deut 29,29 "that 
we may do ('asah) all the words of this law"; Num 6,21 referring to 
Nazirites, "so shall he do according to the law"; Deut 31,12 "fear the Lord 
your God and be careful (shamar) to do ('asar) all the words of this law". 
'asar is a relatively common verb.

Like most other people reading the Qumran literature, I have no proposals 
that accord with the evidence.

I did retry the article you wrote, but couldn't see any reference to the 
Essene etymology proposal.

(Thank you Mr O'Sullivan for your help finding the article.)


Ann L. Kraemer

|  To fear the Lord is the root of wisdom  |
|  and her branches are long life.         |
|                           Ben Sira 1,20  |

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