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orion-list "antilanguage' at Qumran

An interesting new article:
William M. Schniedewind,
"Qumran Hebrew as an Antilanguage"
Journal of Biblical Literature 118 (1999) 235-252.

        He argues for  relationships between the Essene community and
the type of Hebrew it used, for example, in avoiding loan words and
"mishnaic" Hebrew developments. ("Antilanguage" seems not an ideal term
to describe this, but is taken from sociolinguistics.) The discussion
of Qumran sectarian code terminology and typology, including in the
distinctive genre of pesher, lends additional support, I think, to the
etymology of "Essenes" from the Hebrew self-designation 'osey hatorah,
those who do the torah--e.g., in 1QpHab (p.251), a text which links
Qumran, the teacher of righteousness, and the Essenes.

Stephen Goranson

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