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orion-list web page searching

To the web masters on list, I thought you may be interested in a free
service which will spider and index your web site- and provide you with a
simple html code to place a search box on your web page.  visitors to your
site will then be able to search it without you needing to have a cgi bin
with your provider.

if you want to take a look at the search service you can visit my web page
where i have just today added the html code for this search service.  or you
can go directly to the service provider at:


you enter your url- and your email address- and then they send the html code
and you can have your site spidered and indexed on any regular basis you
choose (if you update your site).

Again- this service is free (and I am in no way connected with it- i simply
pass on the information in case someone is interested).

Best, and sorry for cross postings.


Jim West, ThD
email- jwest@highland.net
web page-  http://web.infoave.net/~jwest

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