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RE: orion-list Clarification? Ostrakon find


The other part of this debate was the relation of the find to the cemetery.
Greg's description of the find as he heard it from Hanan Eshel at the site
was exactly as I heard it from Hanan the summer of 1996:  the ostrakon was
found along the wall at the perimeter of the cemetery.  What Steven may have
been responding to was a less precise description of the find as related
simply to the cemetery with no mention of the wall.  

David Suter

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> I think that the latest Doudna / Goranson exchange regarding the 1996
> ostrakon discovery was generated (rather parenthetically at first) because
> GD drew an analogy between the burial fill in which the grave lamp was
> found and the discovery of the ostrakon; SG challenged that analogy by
> referring to the correction made by Jim Strange of some earlier
> descriptions of the circumstances of the ostrakon find -- namely, that the
> ostrakon came from "packed-earth" (thus in some sense "in situ") rather
> than from more recent fill ("disturbed" context, as with the grave lamp).
> I'm not sure that this became explicit in the exchanges; it is, of course,
> a relevant issue for dating the respective finds.
> If there is/was more to this, I've missed it. Sorry.
> Bob
> SG wrote: 
> > 	The reported 1996 ostracon packed-earth find spot was (this is
> > merely a quick guess and surely can be corrected), what, twenty-five,
> > thirty, thirty-five meters distant from the nearest burial? Fairly
> distant.
> > 	The "Herodian" lamp  Kh.Q. 2662 was reportedly found in the
> > excavation of tomb 26.
> > 
> > Stephen Goranson
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