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Re: orion Ref: Henoch 108 (Catchwords and Memory Joggers)

> I did not in any way mean to imply that this was an impossible feat for a
>human being to accomplish the feat of memorising the text of I Henoch we
>ready today  (years ago I met a fourteen year old boy of only average
>intelligence who had set the entire Koran to memory by the time he was 11)


>I will address the problem of "what is Essenoid" (Essene/Esseenic), "what
>is Christian" , "what is pre-Christian" etc. in more detail in another
>posting---clearly this whole subject is far too vast and complex  for quick

This thread is running rather far from the purposes of this list. I suggest
that those of you who wish to continue the discussion move it to private
e-mail. I also remind you that there is a suggested limit of 4K for postings.

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