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orion Hellenistic OT Origins

As subcribers to this list are well aware, the last 20 years has seen
revolutionary new theories positing that the Old Testament may be a
Post-Exilic creation. Van Seters has explored the possible influence of
Greek historiography in the OT's composition and Niels Peter Lemche has
proposed that the OT might be a Hellenistic creation. Other scholars
have identified Hasmonean and even Herodian elements within the OT.

I have recently compeleted a manuscript  titled Smoking Guns, Clues to
the Old Testament's Hellenistic, Hasmonean and Herodian Origins
(Heidelberg, Germany, 1998), and am offering it as an electronic e-mail
attachment to any who may have an interest in the said subject.

Please contact me off-list, if interested. Please do not send your
requests to Orion.

My e-mail address:



Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld,
Walldorf by Heidelberg,
Baden Wurtemburg, Germany
For private reply, e-mail to Walter Mattfeld <mattfeld@mail.pjsnet.com>
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