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Re: orion A solution, Mr Simms!(Deut 32:8)

On Tue, 9 Feb 1999 12:51:12 -0800, flint@twu.ca writes:
>I really think that some of the discussion on Deut 32:8 is becoming
>sidetracked and wasting time that many of us do not have.
>  The DSS are published in the series Discoveries in the Judaean Desert
>(DJD), in the original languages, and the biblical scrolls are nearly all
>  For those not very familiar with Hebrew and Greek (yes, some of the
>biblical scrolls are in Greek!), all the biblical scrolls will be published
>in English towards the end of 1999 by HarperCollins San Francisco. This
>translation will include all the biblical scrolls from Qumran and other
>sites, will present a mixed (eclectic) translation, with all the variant
>readings in the footnotes, with comments on selected readings, and with an
>introduction to each book in the DSS.
>   Perhaps the reason there has been some confusion in the Orion postings
>is that no such translation has been done so far; this will be the first
>translation of all the biblical scrolls. The only comparable example that
>comes to mind is James Sanders' translation of the large Psalms scroll
>fromth Cave 11 in the 1960's.
>  So, Mr Simms, this would be a counterpart to the WAC translation (whwich
>contains the non-biblical scrolls), but will contain the biblical scrolls -
>including Deut 32:8!

   Thank you very much for your helpful reply.  See my reply to Bob

Tom Simms
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