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Puech article


Here is the info you are looking for: Emile Puech, "The Necropolises of
Khirbet Qumran and Ain el-Ghuweir and the Essene Belief in Afterlife,"
BASOR 312 (1998) 21-36. In that same issue one also finds the article by
Jodi Magness, "Two Notes on the Archaeology of Qumran," 37-44.  Magness'
article really treats two separate issues - "A Toilet at Qumran?" and "The
Hoard of Tyrian Tetradrachmas and the Temple Tax."

Both articles are provocative. However, can archaeology compellingly lead
to Puech conclusions about resurrection and is Magness persuasive that
Locus 51 at Qumran represents the cesspit of a toilet and Locus 44 a
toilet seat?

Happy reading and best regards,

Karl Donfried

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, George Brooks wrote:

> For the unintiated, could you give the exact title of BASOR?  I would
> love
> to track it down to see the article.