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Re: orion Essenes = 'osey hatorah?

	Perhaps I should add that Philo, in Quod Probus (Every Good Man is
Free), shows that he is not the inventor of the name "Essenes" (Essaioi).
Rather, he is reporting as best he can. He had a source. (And in Apologia,
he had a sorce, sometimes compared to a source Josephus used in Contra
Apion book 2.) Since "every good man is free" is a Stoic maxim, one might
consider Stoics for a possible source for a generic description becoming a
specific name. Both Posidonius and Strabo were Stoics; both discussed
principles of etymology. The active life was an ideal of Posidonius of
Apamaea, Syria.
	To correct my typo, the term cited by Boyarin in JECS is

S. Goranson

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