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Re: orion Chanukah, Tefillin and Minim

Martin Jaffee wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Jack Kilmon wrote:
> > I realize that, Paul, but these methodologies rarely, in my experience,
> > recoognize or understand the dynamics of oral transmission, even over
> > several centuries.
> >
> The most recent ethnographic and literary-historical work on oral
> tradition yields little reason to trust the ability of orally transmitted
> narrative to preserve unchanged accounts of historical events. Rather, in
> the wake of numerous studies since those of Vansina, Goody, and many many
> others, it is clear that orally transmitted narratives undergo constant
> reframing and "updating" in the context of performance. So even if we
> could be sure that rabbinic sources ARE orally transmitted, we would
> still not be able to reliably reconstruct historical events without the
> aid of external sources.

I'm with you so far and I realize that this does not mean thatthe Talmud
account is not historical...just can't prove it.

> As Hillel said: zil gmor. MJ

Yes, as Hillel said according to oral tradition recorded in the Talmud.I hope
you don't mind my not standing on one foot though (g)


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